National and international recognition

Written by  Jan 26, 2015

Through a long, bitter and protracted struggle for national independence and freedom, SWAPO made a name for itself Nationally and Internationally. It became a Political Party of the people.

 The international Community identified themselves with the struggles of the Namibian people through SWAPO. This became the case because SWAPO was fighting a just cause- to rid the Namibian people of the yoke of apartheid colonialism.

Through the International Community, not by chance or good luck, but by intensified high level Diplomacy, SWAPO won the recognition; Sole and authentic representative of the Namibian people. The international community supported SWAPO in three important fronts:

  • Politically
  • Diplomatically
  • Militarily

Over and above these, SWAPO was supported through provision of centers, food and clothing. Education and other materials relevant to a liberation movement.

International and national pressure mounted on the apartheid regime through the endless efforts of SWAPO from all fronts. The events of Quito Quanavalle through the combined Cuban Internationalists forces and PLAN fighters led directly to the acceleration of the implementation of UN Resolution 435, in 1989 and the subsequent attainment of National independence on 21 March 1990.


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