SWAPO Party Political Bureau

By SWAPO Party Constitution, there shall be a Political bureau of the Central Committee of SWAPO Party. The Political Bureau is responsible for policy formulation in the period between Central Committee and its the steering committee of the central Committee, directing the political and programmatic agenda of the Party.

The composition of the Political bureau is 21 members, including the President of the party who will be its Chairperson, the Vice –President, the Secretary General and the Deputy secretary General.

In addition, the Political Bureau is responsible for putting into practice all decisions, resolutions and directives of the Congress and the Central Committee, responsible to and render account periodically to the Central Committee on its own work, on that of the Secretariat as well as on that of the regional Executive Committees.

The Political Bureau appoints a Secretariat which shall assist it in executing the day to day work of the Party , supervise and control the use and maintenance of SWAPO Party funds and books of accounts at the Headquarters, the regional, the district and the branch levels of the Party.In addition, it appoints an external auditor to audit the Party’s financial records and accounts and with the exception of the president, the Vice-President, the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary general, the Political bureau shall by two-third majority of its members have authority to expel any member of the Party or suspend any affiliate organinsation for serious misconduct or violation of the Constitution and respect of an affiliate organization refer to the Central Committee for final decision.

  • The Political Bureau have the power to call extra-ordinary meeting of the Central Committee as well as of the Regional Conferences and appoint officials to undertake party missions on the recommendation of the Secretariat.
  • The Political Bureau also have the power to appoint acting regional officials in case of unresolved disputes in the Regional Executive Committee pending the holding of elections.
  • The Political Bureau meets at least once a month and as often as it may be requested by the Secretariat or by a Regional Executive Committee.
  • A member of the Political Bureau have the right to propose the holding of an emergency meeting or the Political Bureau.
  • The Political Bureau have the power to appoint Deputies to National officers whose duties and functions are defined under Article IX.
  • The Political Bureau also appoint directors of all Party Companies.
  • The Political Bureau receive and approve the audited accounts of Party companies not later than six months after close of financial year.
  • All members of the Political Bureau are compulsory required to attend all meetings of the Political Bureau meetings, except those who may be on specified and urgent missions or duties for the Party.
  • Any member of the political Bureau who absents himself from three consecutive meetings without valid reasons shall immediately cease to be a member of the Political Bureau.
  • The quorum of the Political bureau is a simple majority of its members. No Party member shall be eligible for election to the political bureau unless he or she meets the requirements of Article VI (4) of this Constitution.

Please Download our Constitution for more details (here)


1.    Cde. Hage G. Geingob
2.    Cde. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah
3.    Cde. Sophia N. Shaningwa
4.    Cde.  Marco Hausiku
5.    Cde.  Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila
6.    Cde.  Nangolo Mbumba
7.    Cde.  Laura McLeod-Katjirua
8.    Cde.  Albert Kawana
9.    Cde. Doreen Sioka
10.    Cde.  John Mutorwa
11.    Cde.  Katrina Hanse-Himarwa
12.    Cde.  Pohamba Shifeta

13.    Cde.  Margret Mensah- Williams
14.    Cde.  Peter Katjavivi
15.    Cde.  Hilma Nicanor
16.    Cde.  Alpheus G. !Naruseb
17.    Cde.  Lucia Iipumbu
18.    Cde.  Calle Schlettwein
19.    Cde.  Sirkka Ausiku
20.    Cde. Tobie Aupindi
21.    Cde.  Lucia Witbooi
22.    Cde.  Utoni Nujoma
23.    Cde.  Kornelia Shilunga


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